Emily and Richard Gilmore's Home

Above: Lorelai and Emily in the living room at the senior Gilmore home.

Have you heard of the TV show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"?

A small group of "Gilmore Girls" fans are thinking of getting Richard and Emily nominated to appear on that show.

Anyway, their house is pretty posh. I can't imagine wild Lorelai living in that house. It would just seem too weird. But I guess you've got to factor in the fact that this was the way she grew up.

Factor in the fact.. that's funny!

You think that's weird... look at the portrait in their living room. It's a realistic portrait of Emily, Richard, and young Lorelai. Totally freaked.

Above: A young Lorelai in front of the Gilmore mansion.

I was surprised to see Lorelai sitting on her Jeep, waiting to go in to ask for money from her parents. That is a seriously big house!! And whenever Rory and Lorelai go to dinner there, it kind of looks like they're going to a palace or something.

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